When the display of colours is different
then the dart disappears in the grass and the columns in the graph look the same.

Comments by Seekey customers
Using the two filters of the Seekey you may easily tell the colour of things even if you have a different red-green colour vision.

Colour is often used in order to give information. Using a Seekey you will manage most situations on your own.
Tell safely the colour of the beacon!

A field, with a vibrating display of
poppies will, using your Seekey,
be an experience even for you who
do not recognize all colours.

The inventor, Kenneth Allblom

My name is Kenneth Allblom. As so many other people I have a different red-green colour vision.

Some years ago a lantern on my boat was broken. Incidentally I looked through the broken red piece of glass and discvovered that the colours around me changed. The idea was born; this might be useful for me in order to navigate more safely. The invention was done!

A few experiments later I knew that this effect would help me both at sea and in everyday life! Since, I have designed and patented the Seekey.

Now, I am happy that the Seekey is available to other people who want to see a new world!

Also you will discover berries, flowers, red apples and many other nice and useful things hiding in our colourful world. My list of examples is growing longer, the more I use my Seekey.

  • Sports: Find the red peg in the grass. Tell the red team players from the green team. Choose the right croquet ball..
  • At work:·Get the green file, will you?... Tell the colour-coded lines on the CAD drawing apart. Information and choices in computer programs. Interpret graphs and pictures.
  • Clothes: When selecting the colour of clothes.
  • Maps: Discover and tell apart the colour coded information on lines, symbols etc.
  • Art: See more when when You look at pieces of art. You will understand what colours an artist has been using, and also discover more details. The impression of a pice of art will often be a greater experience when you use your Seekey.
  • The invisible: Believe me, there are many things yet to discover out there!
  • Food: A ripe banana or a green one? Packaging with different colours depending on the contents... Is the meat done?
  • In the Nature: The rainbow has many more colours…Choose the right bait when going fishing. Recognise birds and pick strawberries. Flowers are often lilac. Blue flowers are rare. Distinguish red rock. Find hiking tracks and other markings.
  • At sea: Find spar buoys already at great distance and tell easily the red buoys from the green. Tell the colour of lanterns, light buoys and beacons. Identify lines and symbols on the charts.
  • Things to tell apart using the colour: Signal lamps, especially those that may change colour between red, green and yellow! Electric wires and resistors and much more.
  • At school: Much of the teaching materials are based on colours. Arts and crafts. Building blocks. Coloured crayons and pencils. Maps, overhead pictures. Computer programs. I almost forgot to mention pictures in modern books!
Comments from Seekey customers

…as soon as I opened the packet I put it to the test around the house, and I was amazed with the results. It was rather like wearing a pair of spectacles for the first time and seeing the world un-blurred!...
…took it along to Dover harbour, close to my house, one night. Amazing! Port control lights and buoys, previously with the colour indistinguishable to me at a distance, lept out and were obvious! I can't wait to take the Seekey sailing…
Richard Diedo (UK)
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- I want to take the opportunity to tell that the Seekey works well for my sailing friend who has a colour problem. The red buoys turn obvious and the method of elimination does the rest.
Eva Nordström, Editor.
You will certainly yourself find many more situations when your Seekey will be fun and useful to have!
Please write and tell us about Your own experiences with the Seekey.

The Seekey will give you a very clear, and simple to learn, indication on red versus green, blue versus lilac. To identify brown, grey, pink You might have to practise some more. Have a look at the instructions that are provided with each Seekey. A colour that is very pale or very dark will be more difficult to tell. In poor lighting conditions it is also difficult to tell a colour. But in this case everybody will have a problem; "All cats are grey in the dark " ;)

The different red-green colour vision is also called colour blindness or colour deficiency.
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