There is a new world to see for everybody who have a different red-green colour vision

One customer wrote:
as soon as I opened the packet I put it to the test around the house, and I was amazed with the results. It was rather like wearing a pair of spectacles for the first time and seeing the world un-blurred! Red leapt out at me very clearly, from the pattern in the carpet, to the red flowers in a vase. Although I know the Seekey doesn't allow me to see colours as they naturally appear, never before had I appreciated the contrast

between the red flowers and green leaves, in the way that perhaps a normally sighted person does …Thank you once again for your invention, and for showing that it is okay for colour blind people to expect more. Richard Diedo (UK)

Another customer wrote:
- I want to take the opportunity to tell that the Seekey works well for my sailing friend who has a colour problem. The red buoys turn obvious and the method of elimination does the rest.
Eva Nordström, Editor (Sweden)

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Every 12th man and one woman out of 200
experience colours that contain red or green in such a way that the colours are difficult
to tell apart.

Using the tool Seekey you can tell colours and also see things that were invisible before.

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Even if you can enjoy all the colours of the rainbow, probably a friend of yours would have be happy to know that this tool is invented.
Send an E-mail and give a tip on the Seekey.

Also at sea Seekey is of great help!
You will discover buoys more easy at a distance, especially in hazy weather.
Tell easily the red and green buoys, lanterns and beacons apart. We support you with a special manual for the navigation.
The different red-green colour vision is also called colour blindness or colour deficiency.
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Don't hesitate to ask for more information from the inventor, Kenneth Allblom.
Phone. +46 70 291 1110
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