Some examples from the tough real life at school when you have a different colour vision
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  1. Kenneth in first grade liked drawing and painting, although he had problems to choose the right colours. As his teacher one day frowned and asked who owns this painting with the brown grass, it was no more fun to paint. In vain Kenneth tried to arrange his crayons and choose the right colour.

  2. Anders is working in his reading workbook. The directions to one item say to draw a line to the red ball. The other ball is brown. Both colours look alike to Anders, so he guesses. The teacher reminds him not to be careless.

  3. A teacher is writing vocabulary words on a green chalkboard with red chalk. After a while, the teacher wonders why Erik is copying from a neighbour's paper.

  4. Sven ordinarily seems to enjoy reading aloud. Today, however, he doesn't volunteer and balks when the teacher calls on him to read. The poem in the reader is printed in blue on a purple background.

  5. Eva, a bright and articulate youngster, was asked to go to the front of the class and read from the blue green book on the teachers' desk. She went to the front of the class and just stood there looking at the pile of different coloured books. Not knowing which one to pickup, she started to cry.

  6. Per was very out going in pre-school & kindergarten. He loved to wave his arms and volunteer to answer questions the teacher asked. The only time Per did not volunteer answers was when it came to learning or identifying his colours. So many of them looked the same to him. But they still had different names.

  7. The kindergarten teacher notices the kids during art class teasing Kalle. The other kids think it is funny that Kalle's stick people have green faces.
The different red-green colour vision is also called colour blindness or colour deficiency.
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