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Mail from Richard Diedo, UK. A Seekey customer.

Being slightly colour blind has always had an effect on my life, in that it restricted the career choices I could make when I was younger. I would have loved to have joined the Navy, or the Fire Brigade like my Dad, but I discovered in my teens that my colour blindness meant I could not do any of the jobs I wanted to do. Luckily, at the age of 30, I have eventually found a career path that I am happy with, working with people.

It does annoy me that colour blind people are expected to suffer in silence! And this is why I want to thank you for your website as well as inventing the Seekey. You really put voice to the thoughts I have had for many years, that when we are so technologically advanced, shouldn't we by now have found some way of helping people with a condition like colour blindness, that is so common, yet goes virtually unspoken about! It really annoys me that even something simple like labelling pens and pencils with their colours isn't a legal requirement, when this simple act would really help so many colour blind people, especially children at school. Instead they are made to feel odd, and different from everyone else, and an object of curiosity to their peers.

Getting back to your Seekey, as soon as I opened the packet I put it to the test around the house, and I was amazed with the results. It was rather like wearing a pair of spectacles for the first time and seeing the world un-blurred! Red leapt out at me very clearly, from the pattern in the carpet, to the red flowers in a vase. Although I know the Seekey doesn't allow me to see colours as they naturally appear, never before had I appreciated the contrast between the red flowers and green leaves, in the way that perhaps a normally sighted person does.

Having tested the Seekey around the house, and unable to use it at sea at the moment because of the Winter season, I did the next best thing and took it along to Dover harbour, close to my house, one night. Amazing! Port control lights and buoys, previously with the colour indistinguishable to me at a distance, lept out and were obvious! I can't wait to take the Seekey sailing, and will make sure I carry it with me. In fact, I will order another one to keep as a spare!

Red stands out very clearly. I find the green through the green plastic doesn't change so much, but the change in green through red is very clear. Also to tell other colours will require more practice.

Thank you once again for your invention, and for showing that it is okay for colour blind people to expect more. I will recommend your product to all the colour blind people I meet, I have already sent one to my colour blind cousin in Australia and I may even go and make my Doctor aware of it so that he can tell people about it.
One last thing - I used the Seekey to look at the Isihara plate on your website - it was the first time in my life that I could see the number!

With the very best wishes for the continued success of your product, and my best regards,
Richard Diedo

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