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Right of return: You may for one month try your Seekey out. If you are not satisfied with it, you must contact us within 30 day from the day of receipt. Then we will decide how you should return the Seekey and how the reimbursment shall be carried out. We will however not reimburse our freight costs or your return costs.

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Warranty: The Seekey sold by us is covered by a 12 month from purchase date warranty against material and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by external damage, scratches etc. Always contact us before returning goods for warranty claims. C. O. D. packages will not be accepted. We may, at our option, repair your Seekey or replace it with an identical or similar model. To obtain warranty service, please contact us with a written statement of the problem, identifying your name and address.
Mail to: or by regular mail to: Seekey C/O Allblom, Östergatan 25, SE-46231 Vänersborg, Sweden, postage paid.

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The different red-green colour vision is also called colour blindness or colour deficiency.
Don't hesitate to ask for more information from the inventor: Kenneth Allblom. Phone. +46 70 291 1110

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