30 million Europeans may experience a new world

With a new Swedish invention, all people with a different red-green colour vision,
so-called colour-blind persons, will be able to have a more simple life and will actually see new things!
The Idea was born accidentally
Being a dedicated yachtsman with a problem to tell red and green apart, I always had difficulties to navigate according to the red and green codes at sea. Some years ago, a lantern on my boat was broken. Incidentally I looked through the broken piece of red glass and discovered that the colours around me were changed. The idea was born; this must be useful for me in order to tell colours apart! Today I know that it works splendidly both at sea and ashore. After five years of experiments, the patented tool Seekey was ready. Now I discover things I simply did not see before. Even if the Seekey does not give me a normal colour vision, it's very valuable for me to understand how colourful the world is, and at the same time life becomes simpler. Besides that the Seekey really works, I'm also happy that the tool will be available to other people with a different red-green colour vision at a price of less than 40.-

500.000 Dutch may now see new things
Another Swedish invention is, after a period of time on the market in Sweden, on the doorstep to the rest of the world. On November 16-18 the Seekey is presented internationally. This takes place at the fair for boat equipment, METS, in Amsterdam. Already, some thousand Swedes are using the Seekey. They now have a simpler life and may discover new things. Much in the colourful world is concealed for the person who has a different colour vision. In a study at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm is shown how so-called colour-blind persons will see and experience new things with the tool Seekey. "A great astonishment was noticed among the participants, when they saw something they had not seen before on the plates."

When is the Seekey useful?
At tasks based on colour coding, e. g. at school, at work or in the nature, the tool is useful. To interpret a graph or a coloured picture, when choosing clothes or to tell the colour of a signal lamp, are but a few examples when the Seekey does the job. Think for yourself, most things around us have combinations of different colours. Also many yachtsmen have a different red-green colour vision. The Seekey is particularly useful to them as buoys, beacons and sea charts are coded with red and green! The navigation will be easier and safer using the new tool. This has attracted attention by the Swedish National Administration of Shipping and Navigation as well as the Swedish Search and Rescue Association.

Facts on colour vision
- Every 12th man and one woman out of 200 is born with a different red-green colour vision.

- This inherited change may not be remedied in a medical way.
- The mode of inheritance leads to that more men than women are hit.

- Apart from red and green, many other colours, such as brown, orange, lilacs, and actually all colours that contain the light wavelengths normally seen as red or green, are influenced.

- The degree of change differs between individuals.

- Some persons have difficulties to tell blue from green and a few have problems with blue versus yellow. Further, a few persons see the world only in grey shades.

- You may also get a problem with your colour vision because of some diseases, e. g. glaucoma, diabetes and MS.

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The different red-green colour vision is also called colour blindness or colour deficiency.
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