The Seekey consists of two coloured filters with specially selected colours. The colours are, after careful development, chosen so it's easy to learn to tell most colours.

As you look at something through one of the filters, the impression of the colour will change in a specific way. Assisted by the instructions for use provided with each Seekey, you will easily learn to interpret the change of colour, and, in this way tell what colour it is.

Below you may have a look at the instructions for use. The colours here, on the computer screen, might vary depending on your equipment.
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The impression of colours will change in a specific way as you use the Seekey. Seeing how the colour changes, you will be able to tell what colour it is. However, the Seekey cannot show how e. g. red looks to someone with a normal colour vision. But, you may also discover much that has been invisible to you before!   I hope you will have the same experience that I have had. It's very valuable to me to understand how colourful the world is, and at the same time life becomes easier using my Seekey. Navigate with safety!

The different red-green colour vision is also called colour blindness or colour deficiency.
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Don't hesitate to ask for more information from the inventor, Kenneth Allblom. Phone. +46 70 291 1110
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