How do the colours look to a person with a different colour vision?
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It is very difficult to describe to somebody having a normal colour vision how we, who get a different impression of colours, see thing around us. And we will hardly understand the opposite.

The pictures below look exactly identical for a person who has a different red/green colour vision. But for someone with normal colour vision, there is a digit visible in the lower picture. If you want to know what digit it is, put the cursor over the picture for a couple of seconds
Friends have told me that the contrast between red and green is as great as between blue and yellow.
Imagine that the Swedish flag was blue and blue…

A good web site with relevant information on colour vision and
how a "colour- blind" person sees the world is
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In the lower picture there is a  number seven

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test of colour vision

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in the Netherlands

Why is it like this?
Every 12th man and one woman out of 200 have a different colour vision. Most common is the hereditary variety that hit 8% of all men 0,5% of women in the western world. You may also get a problem with your colour vision because of some diseases, e. g. glaucoma, diabetes and MS.

What do you see?
A person who has a different red-green colour vision will get the same impression from certain green, brown, red and orange shades. But we do not see the world in only grey shades but may usually enjoy colours around us. But the effect is that we might either be unsure of what colour something is, or, we may quite simply not see it! Red apples disappear among the green leaves. It is also difficult to tell what is blue/lilac, pink/bluegreen or grey, yellow/bright green, orange/green and so on.

The different red-green colour vision is also called colour blindness or colour deficiency.

There are also persons who have difficulties with some shades of blue and green and some people mix up blue with yellow. Further, a few persons see the world only in grey shades. Also in this situation the Seekey is useful.

The attitude to colour
Colour vision is rarely discussed in everyday live. It is generally considered that a person with a different colour vision that cannot be helped, or even that they would be uninterested to get a remedy. However, in a test that a British company conducted, it was stated that people travelled on their own expense from all over The United Kingdom, and even from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Trinidad, hoping to improve their colour vision.

Read more on how the Seekey will make life simpler for a person who has a different red-green colour vision.

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